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Perkins engines » Prima / 500 Series »  504-2 (ba)


Technical features

  Type code   BA
 Number of cylinders   4
 Bore   84.5 mm
 Stroke  88.9 mm
  Cubic capacity   1.99 cm 33
  Combustion system   Direct injection TRIM
  Compression ratio   17:01
  Rotation  Counter clockwise viewed from the front
  Size  517 x 630 x 572 cm - (141 kg)
  Power    37 kW a 2600 rev/min
Enquiries 504-2     
 Engine code  

12 spare parts for perkins engine series 504-2 (BA)

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immagine non disponibile  connection 3764a092   Display associated engine numbers   connection  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  fanbelts k614cf03   Display associated engine numbers   timing belt  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  fuel filter 26561118   Display associated engine numbers   fuel filter  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  idler pulley k522df04   Display associated engine numbers   idler pulley  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  idler pulley k522df08   Display associated engine numbers   tensioner  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  injector washer u5lc0015   Display associated engine numbers   gasket kit complete engine  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  joints u5lc0015   Display associated engine numbers   jeu joints complet  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  start switch 2846130   Display associated engine numbers   start switch + key  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  starter 2873b059   Display associated engine numbers   starter 12v.1,9kw g.  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  thermostat 2485613   Display associated engine numbers   thermostat 82? d54  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  water pump 2488a401   Display associated engine numbers   water pump  Enquiries   
immagine non disponibile  water pump u5mw0085   Display associated engine numbers   water pump  Enquiries   
Please note this is not an exhaustive list of parts matching your criteria, and that other parts could be used.
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