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  Perkins spare parts
  > air filter
  > alternator
  > aluminium oil pan
  > big end bearing
  > connecting rod assembly
  > connection
  > crankshaft
  > cylinder
  > cylinder head
  > cylinder liner
  > engine fan
  > engine overhaul kit
  > fan drive housing
  > fanbelts
  > fuel filter
  > fuel injection pump
  > idler gear
  > idler pulley
  > injector
  > injector nozzle
  > injector washer
  > joints
  > kit cylindree
  > lift pump
  > long engine
  > oil cooler
  > oil filter
  > oil pressure sender
  > oil pump
  > pipe - collant
  > piston
  > piston kit
  > piston ring kit
  > primary fuel filter
  > radiator
  > regulator
  > seal
  > solenoid
  > start switch
  > starter
  > thermostat
  > thermostat housing
  > timing case
  > turbocharger
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Michele Caroli Srl: the leader seller of perkins engines and spare parts
spare parts for earth moving, agricultural and industrial machinery and power generation

Just one supplier to satisfy large and various operative and productive demands

Michele Caroli Srl is a leading original and aftermarket spare parts retailer for Perkins engines and diesel engines from other manufacturers.

It also provides a full range of original and aftermarket spare parts for diesel engines from other manufacturers such as Cat, FG Wilson, VM Motori, Deutz, and other ATS England. 

A complete range of spare parts for earth moving, agricultural and industrial machinery and power generation. The best partner possible for the development of your business.

Professionalità, rapidità e flessibilità sono qualità che contraddistinguono la divisione vendite della Michele Caroli Srl. 

Il nostro team commerciale vanta una lunga esperienza Perkins e un’approfondita conoscenza del mercato, garantendo professionalità e competenza,  efficienza e qualità nella consulenza e nella vendita: per questo le realtà più importanti dei settori agricolo, industriale e delle costruzioni si affidano con sicurezza alla nostra azienda. 

 Perkins engines 

Through continuous research and development, the Perkins engines distributed by Michele Caroli Srl offer the most efficient solutions possible for industrial, construction, agricultural and earth moving machinery.

The quality range offered by Michele Caroli Srl consists of diesel and gas powered engines with power outputs from 4 to 2,000 kW, catering for over 5,000 different applications including power generation.

The technological innovation and superlative build quality of Perkins engines make them the efficient heart of the system, offering the peace of mind of dependable, competitive performance.

Discover the complete range of perkins engines

 perkins engines 100 series perkins engines 1000 series perkins engines 3.152 series
 perkins engines 4.108 series perkins engines 4.154 / 200 series perkins engines 4.165 series
 perkins engines 4.203 series perkins engines 4.236 series perkins engines 6.354 series
 perkins engines 700 series perkins engines 900 series perkins engines New 1000 series
 perkins engines Prima / 500 series perkins engines v8.540 series perkins engines v8.640 series
Perkins spare parts

The well stocked warehouse with over 30.000 items constantly in stock ensures immediate availability of the components while optimised logistics means, that it reaches you rapidly.

Michele Caroli Srl endorses the use of original spare parts because:

they are engineered to maximise the durability and performance of the engine;
they ensure total compatibility with the engine;
they maintain optimum power output and fuel efficiency;
they are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Original replacement parts are easily identifiable by the hologram on the packaging – yet another guarantee that you have made the right choice for your engine.

Discover the complete range of perkins spare parts.

air filteralternatoraluminium oil panbig end bearing
connecting rod assemblyconnectioncrankshaftcylinder
cylinder headcylinder linerengine fanengine overhaul kit
fan drive housingfanbeltsfuel filterfuel injection pump
idler gearidler pulleyinjectorinjector nozzle
injector washerjointskit cylindreelift pump
long engineoil cooleroil filteroil pressure sender
oil pumppipe - collantpistonpiston kit
piston ring kitprimary fuel filterradiatorregulator
sealsolenoidstart switchstarter
thermostatthermostat housingtiming caseturbocharger
valvewater pump  
 Discover the complete range of perkins engines:
 perkins engines »  4.236 series
perkins engine 4.236 (LD) perkins engine 4.248 (LF) perkins engine 42.482 (LG)
perkins engine 4.41 (LM) perkins engine t4.236 (LJ)  perkins engine 4.236 (LD)
 perkins engines »  100 series
perkins engine 102-04 (KA) perkins engine 102-05 (KN) perkins engine 103-06 (KB)
perkins engine 103-07 (KL) perkins engine 103-09 (KC) perkins engine 103-10 (KD)
perkins engine 103-12 (KG) perkins engine 103-13 (KH) perkins engine 103-15 (KE)
perkins engine 103-15d (KJ) perkins engine 104-19 (KF) perkins engine 104-19d (KK)
perkins engine 104-22 (KR)
 perkins engines »  1000 series
perkins engine 1004-4 (AA) perkins engine 1004-40s (AF) perkins engine 1004-4t (AB)
perkins engine 1004e-4tw (AD) perkins engine 1004g (AG) perkins engine 1006-6 (YA)
perkins engine 1006-6t (YB) perkins engine 1006-6tw (YD)
 perkins engines »  3.152 series
perkins engine 31.522 (CJ) perkins engine 31.524 (CM) perkins engine d3.152 (CE)
perkins engine t3.1524 (CN)
 perkins engines »  4.154 / 200 series
perkins engine 4.135 (GB) perkins engine 4.154 (GA) perkins engine 4.182 (GC)
 perkins engines »  4.165 series
perkins engine 4.165 (HA)
 perkins engines »  4.203 series
perkins engine 4.203 (JD) perkins engine 42.032 (JG) perkins engine d4.203 (JE)
 perkins engines »  6.354 series
perkins engine 6.354 (TC) perkins engine 63.541 (TG) perkins engine 63.542 (TJ)
perkins engine 63.544 (TW) perkins engine t6.354 (TE) perkins engine t6.3541 (TH)
perkins engine t6.3543 (TP) perkins engine t6.3544 (TU)  perkins engine t6.354 (TE)
 perkins engines »  700 series
perkins engine 704-26 (UB) perkins engine 704-30 (UA) perkins engine 704-30t (UC)
 perkins engines »  900 series
perkins engine 903-27 (CP) perkins engine 903-27t (CR)
 perkins engines »  new 1000 series
perkins engine 1004-40 (AJ) perkins engine 1004-40t (AK) perkins engine 1004-40tw (AM)
perkins engine 1004-42 (AR) perkins engine 1006-60 (YG) perkins engine 1006-60t (YH)
perkins engine 1006-60ta (YJ) perkins engine 1006-60tw (YK)
 perkins engines »  prima / 500 series
perkins engine 504-2 (BA) perkins engine 504-2t (BB)
 perkins engines »  4.108 series
perkins engine 4.108 (ED) perkins engine 4.107 (EB) perkins engine 4.99 (EA)
 perkins engines »  v8.540 series
perkins engine tv8.510 (XB) perkins engine tv8.540 (XE) perkins engine v8.510 (XA)
perkins engine v8.540 (XC)
 perkins engines »  v8.640 series
perkins engine tv8.640 (ZB) perkins engine v8.640 (ZA)
  Discover the complete range of spare parts perkins:
 Air filter
Air filter 26510211  Air filter 135326206 Air filter 26510214
Air filter 26510228 Air filter 26510337 Air filter 26510342
Air filter 26510354
  Alternator 185046360 Alternator 2871a007 Alternator 2871a141
Alternator 2871a142 Alternator 2871a160 Alternator 2871a163
Alternator 2871a166 Alternator 2871a167 Alternator 2871a168
Alternator 2871a305 Alternator 2871a307 Alternator 2871a705
Alternator 2871c202 Alternator u85046501
 Aluminium oil pan
  Aluminium oil pan 3717e361  Aluminium oil pan 41424147
 Big end bearing
Big end bearing 85042 Big end bearing u5mb0030 Big end bearing u5mb0030a
Big end bearing u5mb0030b Big end bearing u5mb0034 Big end bearing u5me0034
Big end bearing u5me0035
 Connecting rod assembly
  Connecting rod assembly 4115c331 Connecting rod assembly zz90009
Connection 3764a092 Connection 37733271
  Crankshaft 115236040  Crankshaft zz90179  Crankshaft zz90197
  Crankshaft zz90218  Crankshaft zz90238  Crankshaft zz90239
Cylinder 1822333c98  Cylinder 1822340c96  Cylinder 1841896c96
  Cylinder 24865081
 Cylinder head
Cylinder head 111017420  Cylinder head 111017930
 Cylinder liner
Cylinder liner 31358116 Cylinder liner 31358323 Cylinder liner 31358345
Cylinder liner 31358394 Cylinder liner 3135x042 Cylinder liner 3135x062
Cylinder liner 3135x063
 Engine fan
Engine fan 2485c517  Engine fan 2485c518  Engine fan 2485c522
  Engine fan 2485c804  Engine fan 2485c815  Engine fan 2485c903
 Engine overhaul kit
Engine overhaul kit u5mk0700  Engine overhaul kit u5mk0701 Engine overhaul kit u5mk0701k
Engine overhaul kit u5mk0704k Engine overhaul kit u5mk0705k Engine overhaul kit u5mk0706k
Engine overhaul kit u5mk0708 Engine overhaul kit u5mk0709 Engine overhaul kit u5mk0709k
Engine overhaul kit u5mk0712 Engine overhaul kit u5mk0712k Engine overhaul kit u5mk0713
  Engine overhaul kit u5mk0810  Engine overhaul kit u5mk0810k  Engine overhaul kit u5mk0815
  Engine overhaul kit u5mk0820  Engine overhaul kit u5mk0820k Engine overhaul kit u5mk9141
Engine overhaul kit u5mk9199 Engine overhaul kit u5mk9201 Engine overhaul kit u5mk9203
Engine overhaul kit u5mk9208 Engine overhaul kit u5mk9210 Engine overhaul kit u5mk9210k
Engine overhaul kit u5mk9211 Engine overhaul kit u5mk9211k
 Fan drive housing
  Fan drive housing 4113h052 Fan drive housing 4113h073
Fanbelts 2614b650 Fanbelts 2614b656 Fanbelts 2614b669
Fanbelts k614cf03
 Fuel filter
Fuel filter 26560137 Fuel filter 26560141 Fuel filter 26560143
Fuel filter 26560163 Fuel filter 26560201 Fuel filter 26561117
Fuel filter 26561118 Fuel filter 26566602 Fuel filter 2656f815
Fuel filter 2656f843 Fuel filter 2656f855 Fuel filter mp10325
 Fuel injection pump
  Fuel injection pump 131010031 Fuel injection pump 131017530 Fuel injection pump 131017631
  Fuel injection pump 131017811  Fuel injection pump 2641a306  Fuel injection pump 2643c616
  Fuel injection pump 2643c646  Fuel injection pump 2643d641  Fuel injection pump 2643h061
  Fuel injection pump 2643u206  Fuel injection pump 2644c313/22 Fuel injection pump 2644d054
  Fuel injection pump 2644h013/22  Fuel injection pump 2644h024/22  Fuel injection pump 2644h024/24
  Fuel injection pump 2644n204  Fuel injection pump 2644n209/22  Fuel injection pump 2644n209/24
  Fuel injection pump 2644s003  Fuel injection pump ufk3c733  Fuel injection pump ufk3d680
  Fuel injection pump ufk3m114 Fuel injection pump ufk4a444  Fuel injection pump ufk4a452
  Fuel injection pump ufk4c745 Fuel injection pump ufk4f329  Fuel injection pump ufk4f722
  Fuel injection pump ufk4k523
 Idler gear
  Idler gear 3117c061  Idler gear 3117l023  Idler gear 340460130
  Idler gear 340460300 Idler gear 4111a013  Idler gear 4111a015
  Idler gear 4111a021
 Idler pulley
Idler pulley k522df04 Idler pulley k522df08
  Injector 131406330  Injector 131406490  Injector 2645a017
  Injector 2645a020  Injector 2645a742  Injector 2645a747
  Injector 2645f016  Injector 2645f027 Injector 2645k011
  Injector 2645m001  Injector od20361
 Injector nozzle
Injector nozzle 2645a635  Injector nozzle 2645f615  Injector nozzle od20281
 Injector washer
  Injector washer 111147741  Injector washer 120996130  Injector washer 195907080
  Injector washer 195907100  Injector washer 195907120 Injector washer 21826363
Injector washer 21826410 Injector washer 3681a033  Injector washer 3681a049
Injector washer 3681c003 Injector washer 3681k005  Injector washer 3683a023
Injector washer 3687y016 Injector washer 36883119  Injector washer u5lb1158
  Injector washer u5lb1164  Injector washer u5lb1167  Injector washer u5lb1319
  Injector washer u5lb5145 Injector washer u5lc0015  Injector washer u5lc0016
  Injector washer u5lt0100  Injector washer u5lt0304  Injector washer u5lt0317
  Injector washer u5lt0357  Injector washer u5lt0507  Injector washer u5lt0512
  Injector washer u5lt1004  Injector washer u5lt1006  Injector washer u5lt1014
  Injector washer u5lt1138  Injector washer u5lt1178  Injector washer u5lt1179
  Injector washer u5lt1190  Injector washer u5lt1202  Injector washer u5lt1300
  Injector washer u5mk0633 Injector washer u5mk0641
  Joints 111147741  Joints 120996130  Joints 195907080
  Joints 195907100  Joints 195907120 Joints 21826363
Joints 21826410 Joints 3681a033  Joints 3681a049
Joints 3681c003 Joints 3681k005  Joints 3683a023
Joints 3687y016 Joints 36883119  Joints u5lb1158
  Joints u5lb1164  Joints u5lb1167  Joints u5lb1319
  Joints u5lb5145 Joints u5lc0015  Joints u5lc0016
  Joints u5lt0100  Joints u5lt0304  Joints u5lt0317
  Joints u5lt0357  Joints u5lt0507  Joints u5lt0512
  Joints u5lt1004  Joints u5lt1006  Joints u5lt1014
  Joints u5lt1138  Joints u5lt1178  Joints u5lt1179
  Joints u5lt1190  Joints u5lt1202  Joints u5lt1300
  Joints u5mk0633 Joints u5mk0641
 Kit cylindree
Kit cylindree 1822333c98  Kit cylindree 1822340c96  Kit cylindree 1841896c96
  Kit cylindree 24865081
 Lift pump
Lift pump 130506140 Lift pump 130506351 Lift pump 485510011
Lift pump ulpk0001 Lift pump ulpk0002 Lift pump ulpk0003
Lift pump ulpk0004 Lift pump ulpk0006 Lift pump ulpk0034
  Lift pump ulpk0039
 Long engine
  Long engine aa30871  Long engine u5mk8117  Long engine u5mk8128
 Oil cooler
Oil cooler 2486a242  Oil cooler 2486a993  Oil cooler 4134a023
 Oil filter
Oil filter 140517050 Oil filter 26540244 Oil filter 2654403
Oil filter 2654407 Oil filter 2654408 Oil filter 2654a002
Oil filter 2654a111 Oil filter mp10169
 Oil pressure sender
Oil pressure sender 1830669c92 Oil pressure sender 2846071
 Oil pump
Oil pump 41314067 Oil pump 41314078 Oil pump 41314187
Oil pump 41314189 Oil pump 4132f056 Oil pump 4132f064
 Pipe - collant
  Pipe - collant 2483a032  Pipe - collant 2483a033
  Piston 4115p016  Piston 4115p017  Piston 55274
  Piston 68301  Piston 68332  Piston 68803
  Piston 89216  Piston u5lf0021  Piston u5lf0023
  Piston u5lh0013  Piston u5ll0014  Piston u5ll0015
  Piston u5ll0021 Piston u5ll0039  Piston u5lp0046
  Piston u5lp0057
 Piston kit
  Piston kit 4115p016  Piston kit 4115p017  Piston kit 55274
  Piston kit 68301  Piston kit 68332  Piston kit 68803
  Piston kit 89216  Piston kit u5lf0021  Piston kit u5lf0023
  Piston kit u5lh0013  Piston kit u5ll0014  Piston kit u5ll0015
  Piston kit u5ll0021 Piston kit u5ll0039  Piston kit u5lp0046
  Piston kit u5lp0057
 Piston ring kit
  Piston ring kit 115104080  Piston ring kit 115107970  Piston ring kit 41158017
  Piston ring kit 41158022  Piston ring kit 41158041  Piston ring kit 41158057
  Piston ring kit 4181a022  Piston ring kit 4181a026 Piston ring kit 4181a033
  Piston ring kit 4181a041
 Primary fuel filter
Primary fuel filter 26550005 Primary fuel filter 26560145 Primary fuel filter 2656086
  Radiator 2485b259  Radiator 2486f102
  Regulator 1841217c91  Regulator 185516061  Regulator 185516140
Seal 2418f437 Seal 2418f475 Seal oe48475
  Solenoid 185206085  Solenoid 26420469 Solenoid 26420471
Solenoid 26420472 Solenoid 2848231  Solenoid 2848a279
 Start switch
Start switch 2846130 Start switch 2848062 Start switch 2848a013
Start switch 2848a102
  Starter 185086560 Starter 2873a027 Starter 2873a030
Starter 2873a031 Starter 2873a102 Starter 2873a103
Starter 2873a104 Starter 2873b059 Starter 2873b061
Starter 2873d202 Starter 2873d304 Starter 2873k059
  Starter 2873k062 Starter 2873k116 Starter 2873k406
Starter 2873k632 Starter 2873k634 Starter u5mk8259
Thermostat 2485613 Thermostat 2485c034 Thermostat 2485c036
Thermostat 2666103 Thermostat 2666108 Thermostat 4133l032
 Thermostat housing
  Thermostat housing 4133l054 Thermostat housing 4133l508
 Timing case
Timing case 3716c215 Timing case 3716c217  Timing case 3716c413
Timing case 3716c511 Timing case 3716c522
  Turbocharger 135756180  Turbocharger 1822558c93  Turbocharger 1830637c93
  Turbocharger 2674397  Turbocharger 2674a059  Turbocharger 2674a076
  Turbocharger 2674a080  Turbocharger 2674a108  Turbocharger 2674a237
  Turbocharger 2674a256  Turbocharger 2674a353  Turbocharger 2674a356
  Turbocharger 2674a362 Turbocharger 2674a371  Turbocharger 2674a403
  Turbocharger 2674a809  Turbocharger oe49342
Valve 3142a051 Valve 3142a052 Valve 3142d031
Valve 3142d041 Valve 3142l072 Valve 31431315
 Water pump
Water pump 145016474 Water pump 145017380  Water pump 1830606c95
Water pump 2488a401 Water pump 35615 Water pump u45017952
Water pump u5mw0054 Water pump u5mw0085 Water pump u5mw0089
Water pump u5mw0097 Water pump u5mw0104 Water pump u5mw0106
Water pump u5mw0108 Water pump u5mw0111 Water pump u5mw0129
Water pump u5mw0132 Water pump u5mw0133 Water pump u5mw0156
Water pump u5mw0160 Water pump u5mw0167 Water pump u5mw0170
Water pump u5mw0173  Water pump u5mw0181 Water pump u5mw0193
Water pump u5mw0195 Water pump u5mw0206

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